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com/). Sometimes Select the desired academic year for the desired degree map, then click the map's title Currently, Brooklyn College offers 81 undergraduate programs, including B. Program Page; Music Composition, B. Brooklyn, NY 11210 (718) 951-5001 . Robin has been playing guitar since age 11 and banjo & uke since age 17. cuny. There, I expanded my knowledge in many realms: composition, auditory perception and music cognition, acoustics, sound synthesis, signal processing, programming, experimental intonation, music theory and other related areas of study. . Mus. 2018 - Simon Brown . Also studied and Graduated from Neupauer Conservatory of Music . Roger Tréfousse has written a wide variety of music: film scores, operas and musicals, symphonic works, songs and chamber music. Douglas Geers. The core faculty will be comprised of Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music and the TV/Radio Department composition and technology professors. Working closely with our faculty of internationally recognized composers, you will create a highly personalized program of study tailored to your specific interests and goals. Applicants must submit a portfolio of three to five compositions. in Music Composition (awarded May 2019 with Graduate Dean’s Award) Marlboro College – B. Residencies are available within the Conservatory's numerous ensembles as well as in the Brooklyn College Center for Computer Music. BC WebCentral; Calendar; Offices and Services; Library; Career Services; Honors Academy; Special Programs; Prospective Students; Current Students Brooklyn College is an integral part of the civic, urban, and artistic energy of New York and uses the entire city as a living classroom that broadens our students' understanding of the world around them. –D. What was that like? A It was neat to see it all in one Brooklyn College Academy High School is an Early College School that provides a challenging high school curriculum in addition to a rigorous college program at Brooklyn College. , B. v. 2013 - Performer to Watch, The Deli Magazine. He currently teaches a seminar in film music composition at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts Graduate Music Theater Program as well music for film and t. León cofounded the Dance Theatre of Harlem and is distinguished professor of music composition at Brooklyn College. Overall, it is best to review your academic plan with your advisor on a regular basis. There was a tremendous amount of course work at Dartmouth College. Wiley Hitchcock Award for Cross-Cultural Music Composition, The Conservatory of Music at Brooklyn College. I have been accepted early action to Berklee School of Music and am suddenly realizing how much an undergraduate degree there will cost me. Sky Macklay – Composer and composition teacher, The Walden School Young Musicians Program and the Brooklyn College Preparatory Center for the Performing Arts Dr. S. Queens, NY 11367-1597 (Tel) 718-997-3800 (Fax) 718-997-3849 He graduated with a degree in music from Brooklyn College in 1954, studied composition with Tadeusz Kassern, and later studied composition at Brandeis University with Arthur Berger and Irving Fine, with Darius Milhaud at the Aspen Music Festival and School, with Lukas Foss at UCLA, and with Milton Babbitt and Roger Sessions at Princeton University. Douglas Geers is Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Computer Music at the Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music. Jason Eckardt, Director. Andrew’s current projects include works composed for traditional concert and chamber music as well as his solo singer-songwriter project under the pseudonym, Patches. Mr. Four-Year Brooklyn College is an integral part of the civic, urban, Music Composition, M. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Music with a dual concentration in Music Composition and Music Education from Westfield State University and his Master of Fine Arts in Media Scoring from Brooklyn College. Eric Hachikian. 2015 - Matthew Gantt CUNY Brooklyn College offers 2 Music Theory And Composition Degree programs. In the Western tradition, the roles of performer and composer have often been the province of separate people, a composer, playwright, or choreographer authoring a work that is then brought to life by others who are skilled as instrumentalists/vocalists The Computer Music Center (CMC), directed by Professor Brad Garton, is a major center for computer music in the United States, and computer music forms an integral part of the graduate composition program. billschimmel. She received her formal musical training at Carlos Alfredo Peyrellade Conservatory in Havana, New York University, the Juilliard School, and the Berkshire Music Center at Tanglewood. attempt at Brooklyn College. Then performed Original material in a group called “East “that The Brooklyn Band Academy brings together students who have participated in Music Partners programs throughout Brooklyn. Master of Music in Composition; The WASC Senior College and University Commission has accredited Cal State- Northridge to award these music credentials at the undergraduate and graduate levels. It was his vision to create a separate music library within the Brooklyn College main library. Doctor of Philosophy - PhD Music Theory and Composition. Analytical Skills. Brooklyn College. Lecturer Doctoral and Coordinator of Music Composition at CUNY Brooklyn College. Skip to Main Content. While at college, Robin studied and then taught at the seminal music school The Guitar Workshop of Roslyn, NY. May 18, 2020 · No headers. “…deftly juggling elements of surf music, funk, garage-pop and noise-band dissonance in his playing and composing, Pat Irwin was a mercurial presence on the New York Joshua M. Gerboth, who was a professor of music at Brooklyn College (1958-1986) and also the President of the Music Library Association (1969-1970). ” The Brooklyn College Center for Computer Music began when composer Robert Starer, then a member of the faculty of the Conservatory of Music at Brooklyn College, proposed the idea of creating an electronic music studio at Brooklyn College in the mid-1970s. 65-30 Kissena Blvd. As a well-established and successful music school, we are able to attract the best of the New York Metro area’s local music instructors. Each student, both undergraduate and graduate, receives private composition lessons for each semester they are in the program. Geers teaches on the the faculty of the City In conjunction with the four-year degree map, you should review Degree Works, and the Brooklyn College website, for an approved list of courses in your major. Music Composition, M. Brooklyn College is an integral part of the civic, urban, Music Composition, B. edu Aaron Copland School of Music Queens College City University of New York. CMC faculty and staff teach courses in programming, interactivity, recording, intermedia, and sound art topics. 2013 - The H. Working with our first rate teaching artists, students will continue study of their instrument, and will explore film composing, digital music games, and go on virtual field trips to learn about different careers in music. She studied music for a year at Kings College and Trinity College of Music in London. A. Students study with a faculty of Conservatory of Music at Brooklyn College of the City University of New York provides on 36 credits in music, audition, completed composition, writing sample: Roger Tréfousse. Strong education professional with a MM focused in Music Composition from Brooklyn College. The Music Library is named in honor of Professor Walter W. 70 or higher based on a minimum of 30 credits in liberal arts and sciences to take SEED 2001 and 2002. As an early teen played in many cover groups. David Myers – Professor and Director, University of Minnesota School of Music 2900 Bedford Avenue . About; Academics; Admissions; Campus Life; News & Media He is currently pursuing his masters in Music Composition at Brooklyn College. MUSN 1300 SI LIN “Dame, de qui toute ma joie, ” Guillaume de Machaut (1300-1377) “ Best I Ever Had,” 2014 - The Morton Feldman Award for Experimental Music Composition, The Conservatory of Music at Brooklyn College. In addition, we recommend one shared full-time CLT to administrate and coordinate the technology for this program and the MFA in Media Scoring, and one shared full-time faculty with Media Scoring. Contact : Penelope Terry . Two-Year Degree Map for Bulletin Year 2020-2021. D. Program in Music of the Graduate Center, CUNY, with concentrations in composition, ethnomusicology, musicology, performance, and theory, is designed to train students in many fields and subfields of musical scholarship. e. Sonny Kompanek. Written texts, pictorial representations, and folklore sources provide evidence that people from all over the globe and from the beginnings of recorded history have created and performed music for religious rituals, civil ceremonies, social functions, story telling, and Conservatory of Music, Brooklyn College, CUNY (2006–2007) Graduate and undergraduate theory, composition, ear training, 20th-century analysis, jazz analysis, Graduate Deputy (administrative responsibilities include advisement of all graduate students, View Homework Help - Journal Entry 10_25. Aug 2014 – Present 6 years 2 months. MAX MATTHEWS Excellence in sonic arts. Aaron Copland School of Music Queens College City University of New York. Music Composition, M. by Douglas Cohen - CUNY Brooklyn College, 2015 The aim is to introduce you to works representative of a variety of music traditions, and to enable you to speak and write about the features of the music you study, employing vocabulary and concepts of melody, rhythm, and form used by musicians. Select the desired academic year for the desired degree map, then click the map's title Kathryn Brickell Music has served the local New York areas of Long Island, Nassau, Suffolk, Brooklyn, Queens and New York City for over 25 years. She has a degree in music from SUNY-Stony Brook (majored in Classical Guitar). BERNARD HERMAN Excellence in media scoring. edu . 2016 - Luke Paprocki . The composition program develops the unique musical voice of each composition student through exposure to a broad range of compositional styles. docx from MUSIC 1300 at Brooklyn College, CUNY. Brooklyn College is an innovative liberal arts institution with a history of more than 80 years of academic excellence. Making music has been an activity of human beings, both as individuals and with others, for thousands of years. 39,371 likes. Case Skip to Main Content. Select the desired academic year for the desired degree map, then click the map's title Geers is an associate professor of music composition and director of the Brooklyn College Center for Computer Music (BC-CCM) at the City University of New York, Brooklyn College (USA). These programs have been See full list on music. columbia. An audition is required before the third semester in the program. Wang Jie. Cert) is a short program of study in a particular subject. Queens, NY 11367-1597 (Tel) 718-997-3800 (Fax) 718-997-3849 As with most programs at the College of Staten Island, satisfying the General Education curriculum requires much of the first semesters of study. Sep 14, 2020 · He received his Masters of Music degree from Brooklyn College with the Graduate Dean’s Award in Music Composition on the Eleanor Kilcoyne, Cerf Music, and Chancey Memorial Scholarships while holding the prestigious graduate fellowship for assisting ConTempo, the contemporary ensemble in the conservatory. This text is designed to introduce students to works representative of a variety of music traditions including the repertoires of Western Europe from the Middle Ages through the present; of the United States, including art music, jazz, folk, rock, musical theater; and from at least two non-Western world areas (Africa, Asia Dec 05, 2020 · Finally, I decided to go for a degree in music composition at Brooklyn College. George Brunner. Special recognition of merit in the field of music composition. No headers. F. 2013 - Composer in Residence, Dance Department at Brooklyn College Feb 19, 2009 · I am an upstate NY high school senior looking to major in music composition. Brooklyn College – M. Professor of Music Composition, Graduate Center and Brooklyn College, City University of New York Greater New York City Area 500+ connections. Queens, NY 11367-1597 (Tel) 718-997-3800 (Fax) 718-997-3849 The Ph. at Brooklyn College. The major recommends foreign language or proficiency in addition to the courses listed above. Undergraduate Tuition: $6,977 Aaron Copland School of Music Queens College City University of New York. Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY. 2017 - David Koenig Conduct cutting-edge research in music and music composition, develop and complete a dissertation, and present a final recital of your compositions. MAURICE LIEBERMAN Senior majoring in music history, music theory, music composition, or music education. A placement exam is required prior to registering for music courses. Douglas Cohen. , Contemporary Music Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, Woodwind Chamber Music, Jazz Big Band, or Small Jazz Ensemble). All written materials must be legible. Brooklyn, NY 11210 The Winter Composers Concert showcases new works by Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music composers and alumni. He has composed three operas, The Monkey Opera, premiered at the Brooklyn Academy of Music; Found Objects, commissioned by the Mannes College of Music; and Blue Margaritas, premiered in New York at the Experimental Intermedia Foundation. Therefore, students majoring in Music Education only need to complete 33 additional Pathways credits. Graduate Center, CUNY. M. About; Academics; Admissions; Campus Life; News & Media Apr 15, 2020 · Brooklyn College graduate students might know him as their music composition professor at the Feirstein Graduate School for Cinema, but before that, Irwin spent nearly 20 years touring with The B-52’s, the iconic new wave group with hits like “Love Shack” and “Roam. About; Academics; Admissions; Campus Life; News & Media Music Composition: BMUS: Brooklyn College: Music Education: BMUS: Brooklyn College: Non-Profit Fiscal Management: Certificate: Brooklyn College: Public Accounting and Graduate Studies in Composition Undergraduate Courses Graduate CoursesNews Events Columbia Composers FacultyZosha Di CastriFrancis Goelet Assistant Professor of MusicDirector of Undergraduate Composition, 2020–21Seth CluettLecturer in MusicJoseph DubielProfessor of MusicBradford GartonProfessor of MusicGeorg Friedrich HaasMacDowell Professor of Music George LewisEdwin H. Jason Eckardt. Table of contents. Sourced from Brooklyn College Library and Academic IT. programs and 3 certificates. Recordings should be included where available. Geers is a composer living in New York City. It's a large public university in a large city. Situated amid the vibrant cultural milieu and ethnically diverse hub that is Brooklyn, the Conservatory of Music of Brooklyn College offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in Composition, Music Education, Musicology, and Performance, along with Advanced Certificate programs in Music Education and performance, a post-master's Advanced Diploma in Performance, M. Fax : (718) 951-4506 . About; Academics; Admissions; Campus Life; News & Media Brooklyn College Composers' Forum Senior majoring in music history, music theory, music composition, or music education. The Conservatory offers undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate degrees in instrumental and vocal performance, jazz, conducting, composition, music education, music technology, and musicology. It is located on the 26-acre (110,000 m 2) Brooklyn College campus in Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York City. He had been a professor of music at the University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, USA), where he founded the Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Arts [1] and was Tim Daoust Audio is a one-stop shop that provides you with voice over narration, audio editing and music composition for all of your multimedia projects including commercials, corporate video, tutorial videos, documentaries, short and feature length films and more. Ability to identify (at sight) and discuss at an advanced level musical scores in terms of period, genre, possible composer, and identifying musical traits. Review the portfolio submission requirements. 2011 – 2016. Based on 20 Reviews. Join to Connect. programs in Sonic Arts and Media Scoring, and a new Master of Music in Global and Contemporary Jazz Studies. If you intend to major or minor in music it is imperative to meet with a music advisor in order to register for pre-major courses in addition to Gen-Ed courses. Program Page; Student Learning Outcomes Advanced Musicianship (with depth and breadth) Stylistic Understanding. Students must have a GPA of 2. (4727 views) Algorithmic Composition: A Gentle Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music and Sonic Arts Brooklyn College. In 2015, 8 students graduated in the study area of Music Theory And Composition with students earning 5 Bachelor's degrees, and 3 Master's degrees. Arturo O'Farrill, pianist, composer, educator, and founder of the nonprofit Afro Latin Jazz Alliance, was born in Mexico, grew up in New York, and was educated at the Manhattan School of Music, Brooklyn College Conservatory, and the Aaron Copland School of Music at Queens College. Tania León. B. About; Academics; Admissions; Campus Life; News & Media Skip to Main Content. 2017 - David Koenig and Jonah Rosenberg. Music majors aiming toward professional careers as performers are strongly urged to take additional ensembles each semester, including at least two terms of MUSC 3741, 3742, 3743, 3780 or 3781 (i. This concert is dedicated to Tania León in gratitude for her years of service to the music composition students of Brooklyn College. Loell is an award winning composer for the screen and concert hall from Uxbridge, Massachusetts. Q Last year, you put out your major works online for free. Advanced certificates can enhance skills to further a career, help you to acquire new skills to change careers, and allow you to meet state or national licensing requirements. Geers specializes in electro-acoustic and multimedia musical works, including various combinations of live musicians, actors, video, dancers, and computer-generated sounds. Music Composition, B. Its music department is also separately accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM). Reconsidering my options, a big desire of mine is to be located in a "happening" city like NYC, Seattle, Boston etc. in Music Composition and Piano Performance (awarded May 2016 with Highest Honors) Principal composition teachers: Jason Eckardt, Tania León, Wang Jie, Matan Rubinstein, and Stanley Charkey The conservatory’s composition program presents a balanced curriculum designed to prepare students of composition for contemporary life in the field, along with imparting a keen awareness of the timeless qualities of great music. Composition. An advanced certificate (Adv. adminqry@brooklyn. Boretz was one of the first composers to work with computer-synthesized sound (Group Variations II, 1970–72). Director of Undergraduate Admissions Studied Music Composition at Brooklyn College with Robert Starer ( Works with Martha Graham and Leonard Bernstein), Jacob Druckman (Pulitzer Prize winning Composer ) and William Schimmel( World famous Composer /Performer Plays accordion with many orchestras and his group The Tango Project http://www. Skilled in Sound, Music Education, Music Technology, Music Composition, and Music. Welcome to the Music Department at The City College of New York! Located in one of the most culturally rich and diverse cities in the world, the CCNY Music Department combines historical perspective with a contemporary view of music and the liberal arts. Brooklyn College Academy students receive a substantial head start when applying to college, by graduating with a minimum of 12 to 50 college credits. May 07, 2020 · Composition and performance are related and sometimes inseparable activities in the creation of music (as they are also in theater and dance).